Working together to create a healthy community

Launched by Lamoille Health Partners in 2020, the Lamoille Health Collaborative is a partnership of 10 community-health organizations that share resources and expertise to advance population health and wellness.

The Health Resources and Service Administration’s Federal Office of Rural Health Policy awarded a planning grant to Lamoille Health Partners to support and facilitate development of a seamless continuum of care. With access to services throughout the continuum of care, residents can maximize their health status by receiving the right care, from the right partner, at the right time. At present, the Lamoille Health Collaborative is funded by Lamoille Health Partners.

The Collaborative addresses distinct issues within the community by using a targeted approach to:

  • Assess our entire healthcare ecosystem and identify barriers
  • Remove barriers impeding optimal health status
  • Build the innovations necessary to improve health status


To create a healthy community where all people are aware of and have access to the care they need.


Population Health Initiatives

Pregnant Women

Improving the health of pregnant moms — especially those with health risks — is a top priority for the Lamoille Health Collaborative. From prenatal care, to labor and delivery, to screening for postpartum depression, interventions aim to ensure mom and baby receive the right care, at the right time, with the right partner.

Substance Use

For the past three years, Vermont has witnessed an average of 10 deaths per month from opioid overdoses. Members of the Lamoille Health Collaborative work in tandem on prevention efforts to address the bio-psycho-social factors associated with substance use while also removing barriers to effective treatment services.

Suicide Prevention

Vermont has recorded more than 100 suicide deaths per year since 2013. With appropriate screening tools, referrals, and capacity-building, members of the Lamoille Health Collaborative are working to eliminate the risk and incidence of suicide. Members utilize the Vermont Department of Health’s evidence-based Zero Suicide Framework, which calls for training, identification, engagement, treatment, transitions, and continuous quality improvement.

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Additional Resources

United Way of Lamoille County offers numerous resources and programs for health equity, education, housing, job training, nutrition, COVID-19 testing and vaccination, and more.


Join The Lamoille Health Collaborative

Healthcare and community-based organizations interested in uniting with the Collaborative, can contact Greg Stefanski, Director of the Lamoille Health Collaborative, below.